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There’s no substitute for changing the world

I work for an enterprise-level SaaS company with an important mission. Our software helps advance scientific research in this country by making it easier for research universities and hospitals to develop, submit, and track federal grant proposals. Even after 6.5 years, I still get the warm-fuzzies every time I think about the fact that we’re directly involved in making the world a better place (thanks neurotransmitters!). My decision to work at this particular company was no accident. I decided a long time ago that any company I work for has to be changing the world in some way – Either directly or indirectly.

When I first moved to Portland in 2004, I got a job in Support for an indoor air quality testing company that produced both hardware and its SaaS software component. I got to work for a company that helped improve people’s health and quality of life. We were changing the world! They’re still changing the world, too. Check out AirAdvice for Homes for more on that.

After that? I was hooked. It is deeply satisfying to work for a company doing important work. There is an energy in the office that can’t be manufactured. When everyone around you is as engaged and passionate about the work as you are, it creates a culture of energized, dedicated professionals who are all working toward a common goal. A goal that matters.

Truly, there is no substitute for changing the world.

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