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If you are:

  1. A brand new Software Support Manager
  2. Looking to hone your craft or share ideas
  3. A Customer Service or Support professional looking to grow and learn

This blog is for you.

I’m sharing stories, tips, and insight distilled from over a decade supporting cloud-based software (B2B and B2E), not to mention all the years I spent in Customer Service before “SaaS” was a thing. Reading the SaaSyBroad blog can help you get inspired, collect best practices, or just learn how to avoid making the same mistakes I did early on.

Hi, I’m Desiree Gregory, the SaaSyBroad. I’m originally from Wilmington, DE but have lived in Portland, OR for the last fifteen years. In that time, I met and married the love of my life, Rocky, bought a house, and adopted the sweetest, snuggliest English Bulldog a girl could ask for. Between all that and a career that I love? I dare say I’ve got it all.10868239_10153324398128488_4712303629168707145_n

I’ve spent the last seven years leading a teams of brilliant Technical Support professionals. Currently, I work at New Relic as a Technical Support Manager. The postings on this site are my own and do not represent New Relic’s positions, strategies, or opinions.

I’d love to chat about your thoughts on this blog, ideas you’re pondering, or difficult situations you’re facing.

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