The Theory of Interpersonal Synchrony

Fitting In When you are new to a company, "fitting in" feels very important. It is important. Positive relationships at work allow you to build the trust that is necessary for any team to be successful. Plus, friendships just make work more enjoyable. I've never had trouble making friends at work until I came to New Relic.… Continue reading The Theory of Interpersonal Synchrony

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The need for sleep is a bug, not a feature

Arianna Huffington wrote a piece for Thrive last week called, "An Open Letter to Elon Musk". In the piece, she chides Musk for working 120 hours per week, a fact he revealed in a recent New York Times interview. I agree with Huffington's overall assessment, of course. Elon Musk is clearly overdoing it and that… Continue reading The need for sleep is a bug, not a feature